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Elevating a premium sports experience.

  • Branded environments
  • ​Customer journeys​
  • Visual identity
Homepage Image Roland Garros
Roland Garros visuals

When the world’s best tennis players started complaining that the Roland-Garros facilities felt outdated and cramped, the tournament’s organisers knew that something needed to change. The French tournament needed a stadium that reflected its Grand Slam status and that delivered the elite experience that fans and players expected.

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Roland Garros La victoire signage
Roland Garros sign post
tennis balls on wall
Roland Garros logo
Roland Garros restroom signage
Roland Garros floor signage
Roland Garros Women's locker room signage
Roland Garros logo
Roland Garros chair close-up
Roland Garros chairs
Roland Garros woman walking in hallway
Roland Garros graphic of tennis player on glass
Roland Garros floating hads in reception
Roland Garros interior seating
Roland Garros interior seating
Roland Garros merchandise store
Roland Garros store

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