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A fit-for-the-future rebrand.

  • Branded environments
  • Motion
  • Signature experiences​
  • Visual identity
peugeot- a woman looking through the window

Despite being one of the leading car manufacturers in France, Peugeot had lost its way – and lost its cool. The brand had become flat and predictable, and was at risk of being overtaken by its competition. How could we bring back the passion and innovation that had always been so central to its brand ethos?

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peugeot- New 408 with woman on the corner breathing
peugeot- man commuting in a city with skyscrapers and a green car
peugeot- Opened report
peugeot- cover of report with a man in the middle
Desktop screen showing the peugeot website
compilation of screens showing peugeot website
outside of peugeot car dealership
Inside of peugeot car dealership
inside of peugeot car dealership

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