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A rebrand with purpose.

  • Activation
  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
Reckitt logo with aurora borealis

Having announced its purpose-led strategy for sustainable growth, multinational consumer goods business RB – home to household names like Dettol, Durex, Vanish and Nurofen – needed to reimagine and relaunch its corporate brand under the new name ‘Reckitt’. This is a story of purpose-led brand transformation delivered at breakneck speed for one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies.

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Reckitt- phone screen
Reckitt billboard
Reckitt- two women smiling getting ready in a room
Reckitt- person filling up water bottle
Reckitt font example
Reckitt monolith
Reckitt signage
Reckitt - signage
Reckitt- interior hallway
Reckitt- compilation of visuals
Reckitt- woman holding a dog with dettol in the background
Reckitt- dettol bottle

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