Maintaining brand advantage. 

Conran Design Group @ Freshfields provide a bespoke and quality-driven service that takes dedicated in-house creative studios to another level.

Delivering brand effectiveness and design excellence alongside operational advantage, we help guarantee Freshfields’ brand integrity and maximise their global impact across every touchpoint.

All achieved with a strong and mutual culture of togetherness.



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Freshfields Innovation 1500x1500pxB v2 overlay Freshfields Innovation 1500x1500pxB v2
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Building reputation
and awareness

Freshfields have an unrivalled history of helping the world’s leading organisations solve their most complex legal challenges.

As their brand guardian, our role is to help protect and grow their international reputation. We developed Freshfields’ new strategic positioning – focused on ‘confidence’, enabling their clients to take bolder steps that breeds success.

Confidence is active; it’s the moment of decision, of breaking boundaries, of making a difference.

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Confidence breeds success 

The Conran Design Group in-house studio has supported Freshfields in winning several key global mandates and guided them on their digital transformation journey.

A new era of brand guidelines were introduced with the impact and flexibility to project themselves as global thought leaders, establish their ambitious Responsible Business, ESG and D&I agendas and attract the world's best talent.

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Harnessing the power
of technology

The 'Confidence' position and brand architecture allowed Freshfields to create a positive shift in their digital strategy.

Appealing to the world's largest tech, life sciences companies and start-ups in-line with the opening of their Silicon Valley office .

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