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Showcasing science, solutions and society.

In 2022, FTSE-250 listed Tate & Lyle PLC – a global provider of ingredients and solutions – made a major strategic pivot to its faster-growing speciality food and beverage solutions business, selling a controlling stake in its industrial sweeteners and starches operations. To celebrate this shift, Tate & Lyle unveiled a new brand with a fresh visual identity and three key elements: science, solutions and society.

The brief for this year’s annual report was to inform and inspire readers and bring to life these three key brand elements. The report needed to demystify the business for investors and other stakeholders by explaining clearly what Tate & Lyle does and how it does it, and by presenting the Group’s financial targets for the next five years.


01. Annual report

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Our work with Tate & Lyle

01.  Annual report

To showcase science, solutions and society in an impactful sequence, key messages are delivered about what these mean in the context of Tate & Lyle. Each one is supported by a strong proof point and imagery used at scale.

To demystify the business, we presented the Chief Executive’s review as a series of questions and answers to address topics like strategic progress, unlocking growth potential, performance and purpose; the same approach is used in the CFO’s introduction to address the key topics that shareholders are focused on.

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Moving to a landscape format optimised the report for on-screen use and allowed us to use the new brand diagonals to maximum effect. We used the new colour palette carefully, choosing a vibrant coral as the accent colour to act as a foil for the use of grey for copy and highlight boxes, and only using other brand colours for section dividers and purpose pillars.

Two fonts were used for contrast between body copy and headlines, pull-outs and infographics. Imagery was used to introduce additional pops of colour and texture and to bring to life the activities highlighted in the 'Our people', 'Our Communities' and 'Environments' sections, as well as in 'Corporate Governance'.

To ensure effective navigation, we introduced signposting at the start of the report. A document-wide tabbing system is supplemented by secondary tabbing throughout the ‘What we do and how we do it’ section to help readers keep track of where they are in the core corporate narrative. The bold dividers then provide pace and punctuation throughout the document. For the printed report, a different paper stock was used for the financial statements to indicate a shift from the narrative sections of the report.

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